GNAT Ada cross compiler

Tutorial about how to build GNAT Ada cross-compiler have been published. It is based on official QNX toolchain source tree and earlier work of Bogdan Celer (

New Benchmark Comparison of ITTIA DB SQL and SQLite

March 30, 2010 — Bellevue, WA — ITTIA, a global supplier of embedded lightweight relational database software, demonstrates its database benchmark leadership to application developers of embedded systems and devices, with exceptional results. On an ARM device, ITTIA DB SQL surpasses SQLite, an open source database, in three critical areas: insert, select, and update. ITTIA's flagship product, ITTIA DB SQL, is an industry-leading RDBMS that provides performance and reliability in embedded environments, from embedded Linux and Windows Mobile to desktop workstations.

Raima uses Softing's OPC UA Technology to Bring OPC standards to Embedded DB

Raima, a Birdstep Technology Company (OSE: BIRD), which offers state-of-the-art embedded database technologies, today announced the successful implementation of Softing's OPC Unified Architecture (UA) Toolbox creating an OPC based application that communicates directly with RDM Embedded's C-API.

Marketing Manager

Raima, a Birdstep Technology Company (OSE: BIRD), which offers state-of-the-art embedded database and dataflow technologies, today announced that they will be showing their dataFlow technology demo as well as a preview of their upcoming release of RDM Embedded at this year's Embedded World. The show hosted in Nuremberg, Germany runs from March 2nd through March 4th and Raima/Birdstep can be found in booth number 11-336.

Will The Real In-Memory Database Please Stand Up? Report Examines IMDS Claims

In-memory database systems (IMDSs) have changed the software landscape, making it possible to deploy "smarter" real-time devices and applications on QNX operating systems and sparking mergers and acquisitions involving the largest technology companies.

But these days, the database sector teems with products purporting to be IMDSs. The problem is, most of them aren't. The majority of products promoted as in-memory databases are merely old-style (on-disk) DBMSs, wearing a thin coat of IMDS paint.


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