Barracuda Embedded Web Server Demo and Tutorial

Real Time Logic announces a combined demonstration and tutorial of the Barracuda Embedded Web Server enabling developers to begin evaluating and developing web applications today.

ITTIA releases relational embedded database for Freescale i.MX processors

ITTIA today announced availability of ITTIA DB-SQL for the i.MX family of application processors from Freescale Semiconductor. Advanced power management, multimedia processing capabilities, and integrated security make i.MX processors suitable for video surveillance, point-of-sale-systems, portable media players, industrial and healthcare instrumentation, and many other wireless applications.

New eXtremeDB 4.0 Embedded Database for QNX Boosts Performance, Flexibility

McObject announced the release of eXtremeDB 4.0 beta, a major upgrade to its in-memory and on-disk embedded database system for QNX Neutrino-based real-time applications. New features in eXtremeDB 4.0 include a fast, new native application programming interface (API) that enhances developer productivity; higher database performance via improved multi-user coordination; and support for the KD-Tree, a database index that is vital to many spatial and pattern-matching applications.

Birdstep Technology releases RDM Embedded 9.0 featuring a new MicroHTTP server

Birdstep Technology announced the latest release of their popular embedded database RDM Embedded 9.0. This is the latest release from the Raima Database Manager Product Family and includes key features such as a MicroHTTP and Circular Tables. The free RDM Embedded 9.0 SDK is available for immediate download at

ITTIA DB + ODBC: A combination that really matters!

ITTIA boosts its database features by introducing an Open Database Connectivity, or ODBC, driver for ITTIA DB. The ODBC API support makes another impact for ITTIA DB developers to share data with embedded systems and devices while also offering reporting capabilities to their end-users.


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