Real Time Logic is showcasing BarracudaDrive at ESC San Jose

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Real Time Logic is showcasing the BarracudaDrive example application in custom made hardware at the Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose, CA on April 3-7, 2006.

BarracudaDrive is a collection of some example programs from the Barracuda development platform and includes:

  • A secure embedded web-server.
  • HTTPS file manager, including a Java client file manager.
  • HTTPS tunnel for securing non secure services such as ftp, telnet, etc.
  • EventHandler powered chat server and chat client.
  • WYSIWYG HTML editor.
  • Users and constraints XML database with AJAX DHTML user interface.
  • DHTML search application for searching remote hard drive.

BarracudaDrive is also available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and QNX Neutrino.

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About Real Time Logic

Real Time Logic is a leading provider of software toolkits that bring the advantages of standard Internet applications to networked devices. Products include the innovative Barracuda Embedded Web-server and SharkSSL, the Embedded SSL/TLS server. Barracuda eliminates HTTP polling and awkward solutions such as using SMTP for sending asynchronous alarm notifications.