New in ITTIA DB SQL 6.0: Smart Data Discovery for Embedded Systems and Devices

ITTIA introduces version 6.0 of its flagship database software, ITTIA DB SQL, which brings new intelligence to data management on embedded systems and devices with true peer-to-peer replication. As the Internet of Things (IoT) will soon comprise billions of connected devices, discovery of proximate devices is a key component of new applications. By advertising and discovering nearby database replication services, ITTIA DB SQL 6.0 greatly simplifies interoperability between home automation systems, automotive entertainment systems, mobile handsets, and more.

Advanced SQL Planner Offers Data Analysis Intelligence to Embedded Devices

ITTIA, the leader in modern database software for embedded systems and smart devices, today announced the availability of a new SQL planner to significantly ease data analysis and management for developers of intelligent device applications. ITTIA provides an SQL planner in its database engine, an exciting method of embedded device data analysis, to calculate critical data statistics efficiently with cost-based optimization. This allows applications to utilize complex queries and make precise decisions.

Internet of Things Demands ITTIA DB SQL Data Management Software

ITTIA, a leader in modern database software for the Internet of Things (IoT), shares its recent success in addressing customer demand for machine-to-machine (M2M) data management with new features and proven technology. ITTIA DB SQL has continuously demonstrated its value to manufacturers building state-of-the-art M2M devices that must store, connect, and analyze embedded data. Devices manufactured with ITTIA DB SQL make smart decisions with low overhead.

ITTIA DB SQL Flexibility Extends to Multi-Core for Embedded Data Connectivity and Management

ITTIA, a leader in modern embedded and mobile database software, equips applications with safe and efficient storage on single-core and multi-core systems. ITTIA DB SQL addresses the challenge of increasing data volume on multi-core systems; and by expanding its commitment to help manufacturers of embedded devices, ITTIA helps them to manage and connect data -- regardless of size -- as well as to leverage the performance of multi-core systems.

ITTIA DB SQL Extends Embedded Development Elegance to Nucleus

ITTIA, a leader in modern embedded and mobile database software, has announced the availability of ITTIA DB SQL for Nucleus. ITTIA DB SQL is an embedded database for embedded application developers. Mentor Graphics Nucleus is a real-time operating system known for its performance, reliability, and scalability with a small footprint. Combining these technologies provides a total solution for embedded and mobile developers and answers the need for tightly integrated, easy-to-use tools to make development faster, easier, more flexible and more productive.


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