ITTIA DB JDBC Driver Brings Java to Embedded and Mobile Database Development

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Java applications on mobile devices and other embedded systems can now leverage the robust shared access and data distribution features of ITTIA DB SQL with a new JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) driver released this week. This driver provides significant value for Java developers targeting embedded platforms.

With support for J2SE 5.0 and greater, the ITTIA DB Type 2 JDBC Driver adds integrated SQL storage to Java applications. Database files can be opened directly by the Java Virtual Machine process or accessed remotely by connecting to an ITTIA DB Server. Since ITTIA DB SQL uses row-level locking, developers can create many JDBC connections to safely access and modify the same database. Tables can be stored on disk or in memory, with performance tuned automatically to the selected storage model.

Prepared statements are fully supported so that applications are protected from SQL injection attacks by parametrized queries. Statements can be forward-only, scroll-sensitive, or scroll-insensitive to easily display results in a graphical interface. The ITTIA DB JDBC Driver also features robust transaction control and savepoints when autocommit is disabled.

Data distribution features are important for application developers who are concerned with high availability. Rather than serializing database changes to another format, such as XML, ITTIA DB applications configure the database to track and replicate changes across multiple databases. ITTIA DB also provides the means to exchange changes with a back-end database, such as SQL Server, Oracle, and others.

ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability) is a set of properties that guarantee reliable processing of database transactions. Data can be lost when an application is unable to clean up resources before it is closed, for example as a result of an unexpected power failure. ITTIA DB SQL logs changes after every transaction to ensure that no work is lost that has been committed to the database.


A free copy of ITTIA DB SQL JDBC driver is available for evaluation at:

Learn how to use the JDBC driver in the ITTIA DB SQL User's Guide:

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