Manage Your Raw Flash Storage Data with ITTIA DB SQL

Whenever power removal is suspected, developers of applications for mobile devices and other embedded systems tend to use EEPROM hardware for storing small quantities of data that must be saved. EEPROM devices are equipped with serial flash - a small, low-power flash memory, which is frequently accessible through a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI). In order to retrieve data, an EEPROM requires each write operation to begin at an aligned offset, which necessitates batched writes to avoid excessive ware.

Hibernate and ITTIA DB SQL Provide Embedded Java Persistence

ITTIA is expanding its database offering with support for Hibernate Java object persistence. Hibernate is popular open source object relational mapping tool for the Java platform and a new ITTIA DB Hibernate dialect provides powerful, high performance relational persistence and query options for Java applications. Developers of embedded systems and devices can now develop high-level database-driven applications easily with Hibernate and ITTIA DB SQL.

ITTIA DB JDBC Driver Brings Java to Embedded and Mobile Database Development

Java applications on mobile devices and other embedded systems can now leverage the robust shared access and data distribution features of ITTIA DB SQL with a new JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) driver released this week. This driver provides significant value for Java developers targeting embedded platforms.

New Release of ITTIA DB SQL Offers More Choice to Embedded/Mobile Software Developers

ITTIA announces a new release of ITTIA DB SQL, version 5.4, available on Windows, Linux, Android, QNX, ThreadX, VxWorks and environments with no operating system. This latest release provides the capability for embedded and mobile applications to distribute data with Oracle, SQL Server, or any other desired back-end enterprise databases, and includes many new features, such as clustered indexes, scrollable SQL cursors, a Python scripting API, and Unicode SQL query strings.

ITTIA Joins Freescale to Empower PowerPC with Database Support

In today's demanding market, developers of applications for embedded processors tend to choose off-the-shelf solutions offering high levels of scalability, security, durability, compatibility, and resource optimization, while maintaining a low cost of development.

Due to their many features, the popular PowerPC embedded and high-performance CPU architecture has gained support from the world's most innovative OEMs and VARs, and has become the preferred platform for mission-critical applications.


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