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Netfront web server


netfront [-n servername] [-c configdir]


-n servername
Start netfront server with servername as the registered connector name. Use Pt_ARG_CLIENT_NAME to connect a PtWebClient to a netfront server with servername, or the -P option in voyager. The default value is NetfrontServer.
-c configdir
The directory for netfront to store internal configuration files. The default value is $HOME/.ph/netfront.


The netfront command starts the NetFront 3.1 server.

Note: You must be running Photon to use netfront.

NetFront is a fully-featured rendering engine. It is optimized for embedded devices with a small foot-print, despite its many features and standards compliance.


NetFront v3.1 supports several Internet and wireless standards, including:


Smart-Fit Rendering

Smart-Fit Rendering renders a large web page for small-screen devices by reformatting the page in order to eliminate the horizontal scrollbar. You can switch between normal and Smart-Fit rendering dynamically.

Direct Connect

Direct ConnectTM allows NetFront v3.1 to access and control hardware using JavaScript. This is an alternate to Live Connect, used in Microsoft's Pocket Internet Explorer. Using this technology, there is no need for a Java VM, making it ideally suited for small memory embedded devices. Security functions are also available to prevent unauthorized access.


NetFront v3.1 includes support for Public Key Cryptography Standards (PKCS) 7, 10, 11, and 12. This means a browser can use client certificates for enterprise-grade security and access control.

Other technologies supported

Netfront 3.1 supports the MARQUEE tag, an extension introduced by Internet Explorer that allows you to display HTML content in a scrolling region on the page.

Netfront allows you to specify a magnifying factor that applies to the whole page (images, text, tables, controls, and so on). You can set the magnifying factor to <100% for a better fit on small screens, or you can set the magnifying factor to >100% to get a zoom effect. Independent of this, there is a text-magnifying factor that applies only to text.

Highly customizable

You can customize the Netfront 3.1 server through the Pt_ARG_WEB_OPTION resource of the PtWebClient widget. You can enable or disable most features at runtime, without restarting the browser.

For example, you can dynamically turn these features on or off:

Options related to CSS:
Options related to SSL:
Options related to JavaScript:

For more information on these options, see the NetFront-specific options section of PtWebClient.

Netfront supports the netscape plugin API. This means that all the plugins that are available for voyager vserver run without any changes in netfront.

For more information, see http://www.access.co.jp/english/index.html.

See also:

vserver, voyager

PtWebClient in the Photon Widget Reference

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