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Voyager server


vserver [options]


-l ("el")
Start up with low-memory options:
max_connections     =  3
Page_Cache_Size     =  0
Image_Cache_Size_KB = 512
view_source         = FALSE
enable_disk_cache   = FALSE
concurrent_decodes  = 1
-M nbytes
Let the Voyager server obtain nbytes on startup and use only that as its usable free memory (vserver will never ask the system for more memory).
-n ServerName
Start the Voyager server with ServerName as the registered connector name. Use the Pt_ARG_CLIENT_NAME resource to connect a PtWebClient to a Voyager server with ServerName.

The default server name is VoyagerServer.

Start in server mode; vserver doesn't exit on the last close from a PtWebClient widget.


The vserver command starts the Voyager server.

Note: You must be running Photon to use vserver.

The Voyager server currently supports HTML version 3.2.

If you're using PtWebClient to start vserver, you can specify options in the Pt_ARG_WEB_SERVER resource. For more information, see the Photon Widget Reference.


You need to run the pipe manager in order for Voyager to perform a DNS lookup.

See also:


PtClient, PtServer, PtWebClient in the Photon Widget Reference

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