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Launch the Photon window system


ph [-cNsvx] [-n name]


Open a terminal "dittoed" to the console.
Don't explicitly load shared libraries; let the applications load them as required.
-n name
Use the device name to start Photon (defaults to /dev/photon). Use this option if you must run more than one Photon window system on a single node.
Safe mode. Use this option if Photon doesn't display correctly on start up. This option forces Photon to start in 16-color VGA mode.
Be verbose.
Don't allow X11 applications in Photon.


The ph utility is a shell script that starts the Photon window system. The script starts the following, as required:

Note: If you've defined the PHGFX and PHINPUT environment variables, ph uses their values to start graphics/input drivers.


Start Photon:



Contains a user's list of applications for Photon to launch automatically when it starts.
If this file exists, the system doesn't boot into Photon. The file's contents aren't important; you can just touch the file to create it.

Environment variables:

The ph command sets or uses these environment variables:

If a language or path to the translations directory isn't set, it's assigned to PHOTON_PATH/translations.
If this environment variable isn't set, ph uses the setting in /etc/photon/ABLANG. If LOGNAME is set and the $HOME/.ph/.ABLANG file exists, the setting in this file overrides the global setting.
If this environment variable isn't set (such as when ph is run in the sysinit file), ph runs phlogin, a login program for Photon.
Include the directories containing the Photon executables.
Turn off phlogin's Exit button.
Set the registered name of the font server (e.g. /dev/phfont).
Pass options to the font server.
The full command that you want to use instead of the default commands to start the graphics driver.

For example, on an Aspen/Tahoe board, you could specify:

export PHGFX="io-graphics -amode=/usr/photon/config/q2sd.conf -dldevg-q2sd.so -g640x480x16"

Don't specify something like this:

export PHGFX="crttrap start"

because setting PHGFX prevents the ph script from running crttrap query, so the driver might not be started correctly. You should use this environment variable to start io-graphics with a specific driver and settings.

The full command that you want to use instead of the default commands to start the input driver.
Name of the Photon device (usually /dev/photon; the -n option overrides this.
Name of the root directory containing Photon files (usually /usr/photon).
Name of Photon Window Manager to start (defaults to pwm).
Specify options for pwm.

See also:

crttrap, inputtrap, phlogin, Photon, pwm

Using the Photon microGUI and Configuring Your Environment in the Neutrino User's Guide

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