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Audio mixer


mixer [-@] [-c card] [-m device] [-o display_level]


Show subchannel volumes.
-c card
The card ID of the mixer; the default is 0.
-m device
The device ID of the mixer; the default is 0.
-o display_level
Which settings are shown when the mixer starts up; display_level is one of:


The mixer command starts the audio-mixer-control application:

Sample mixer window

Note: The components of the mixer window depend on your system's hardware.

The mixer uses the device /dev/snd/mixerCcardDdevice, where card and device are the values specified for the -c and -m options.


Start mixer for AuReal vortex 2:

mixer &

or, specifying the card and device explicitly:

mixer -@ -c 0 -m 0 &


The shared object for the sound library.
/etc/system/config/audio/card name.io-ado-cfg
Where card name (set by the ado_card_longname() function) is the long name used by the driver and where mixer stores configuration data.

See also:

phplay, phrecord

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