QNX Neutrino Operating System

Version 6.3

These guides contain links to various books throughout our entire documentation set; if you don't have the entire set installed on your system, you'll naturally get some bad-link errors (e.g. HTTP 404 - File not found).

In addition, your system might not include all of the utilities, managers, and configuration files that these documents describe. For example, some utilities are included in the QNX Momentics development suite, and others are included in a specific Board Support Package (BSP).

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Bookset overview


System Architecture

Describes the philosophy and architecture of the microkernel, resource managers, processes, threads, message-passing services, and more.


User's Guide

Tells you how to use the QNX Neutrino runtime environment and perform system-administration tasks.


Utilities Reference

Describes the QNX Neutrino utilities and manager processes. You'll also find the complete manual for the qed editor.

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