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Boot QNX provokes resets on PCM-4823L

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Boot QNX provokes resets on PCM-4823L

Postby semanas » Thu Aug 07, 2003 8:33 pm

I’m used a QNX operating system in a Advantech PCM-4823L-00C1 board. In the past this board have a AMDx86 processor at 133MHz and this works fine.
But now I need to replace some of these boards and i buy new boards (board processor is DX4-S at 100MHz) but when i try this the board make successive resets.
This resets appers in the boot of QNX and before the reset i saw in the monitor the following message:

Section: idt offset:006c
Section: Directory 00001000
System page at phys:00004000 user:ff511000 kern:ff512000
Starting next program at vff830b1c

and reset..................................

The .boot file was generated by the following lines:


[virtual=x86,bios +compress] boot ={
startup-bios –Nnto_x86 –s 64k
PATH=/proc/boot:/bin:/usr/bin LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/proc/boot:/lib:/usr/lib:/lib/dll procnto

[+script] startup-script = {
devc-con –n1 &
reopen /dev/con1
devb-doc blk automount=hd0t77:/
waitfor /bin 20
reopen /dev/con1
sh /bin/startscript

[type=link] /tmp=/dev/shmem
[type=link] /usr/lib/ldqnx.so1=/proc/boot/


The QNX was installed on a Disck On Chip.
Please help me in this problem.
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