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USB mouse support vs. devu-uhci

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Re: Updating QNX PC device support

Postby John Nagle » Tue Feb 24, 2004 7:18 pm

It's a better desktop system than QNX 4, though, because it's more
POSIX-compliant and because there's so much free software out
there that will run on QNX.

The big problem is that typically QNX gets about 90% of the
way to being usable on the desktop in key areas, but not
100%. Often the drivers are there, but not properly configured
to work out of the box. It's so frustrating.

If QSSL could figure out some way to get a volunteer effort
going amongst the NC users to fix some of these problems, that
would be a step forward. It's in QSSL's interest that there
be many NC users, to keep the visibility of QNX up.
It's essential that key open source software that
QNX uses (GNU, Eclipse, etc.) work on QNX. In too many
cases, the development teams for major open source packages
don't build for QNX as a standard target. GCC, Eclipse,
and ffmpeg are all part of standard, and important, QNX tools. But
try downloading the source for any of them and building
it on QNX. It won't be fun.

John Nagle
Team Overbot

Bill Caroselli wrote:
John Nagle <> wrote:
JN > Bill Caroselli wrote:

QNX hasn't made any attempts to be a desktop OS for the better part of
a decade now.

JN > Then why all the work on multimedia support? New browsers?
JN > ABIWord? Those are all desktop OS features.

JN > Besides, it's good to run self-hosted and eat your own
JN > food. That way you find out what doesn't work while in a more
JN > forgiving environment.

I agree. And I do do self-hosted development. I'm just saying that
QNX is not as friendly a development environment as it was in the QNX4
John Nagle

Re: Updating QNX PC device support

Postby rgallen » Thu Feb 26, 2004 8:24 pm

Bill Caroselli wrote:

Also, these are being developed as consumer electronics features.
Again, not desk-top.

AbiWord is a consumer electronics feature ? Can't wait to get AbiWord
on my cell phone... (on second thought, I might be able to survive a
while without it :-)
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