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importing existing source code into IDE4

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importing existing source code into IDE4

Postby ranzhang » Fri Mar 30, 2007 3:21 pm

I'm trying to importing existing source code into the IDE 4. I followed the example in the help in the following steps:

1. create a project contains my source code tree, this contains many sub-directory each representing a separate project.

2. create 1 qnx c++ project for each of the sub-directory of my source code tree.

3. create a folder link in each qnx c++ project (from step 2) pointing the corresponding sub-directory of my source tree ( from step 1).
then in 'make builder' tab of the project properties, under 'builder location', i put the folder link into the 'builder directory', make sure i hit 'apply', 'ok'.

somehow when i do the build from each of the qnx c++ projects, none of them compile the source code from my source code tree as I indicated in the folder link.

what's going on here???
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