Telematics Systems Gear Up with QNX

Ford, Hitachi, and Johnson Controls Unveil QNX-Powered Telematics Products.

Patch A for QNX 6.2.0 Released

QDN (QNX Developers Network) just quietly released patch A for QNX 6.2 at

Just as usual, there is no readme or changelog.

Eugenia deletes QNX

It seems our friend Eugenia at osnews no longer thinks QNX is hot. Given the recent releases of some Linux distributions, she decides to delete her QNX partition and play with SuSE 8.1 and RedHat 8.0. Details can be found

Embedded Kermit File-Transfer Protocol

The Kermit Project just announced in comp.os.qnx the availability of an embeddable Kermit protocol. This is a tiny but modern implementation of Kermit protocol (send and receive only; no server) written in ANSI C suitable for embedding and realtime applications as well as for creation of DLLs. It is the real thing, written at the Kermit Project at Columbia University, the original developers of the Kermit protocol.

Pixel32 for QNX Available for Download

10/07/2002. per Pixel32 Home, new and much more stable alpha snapshot of Pixel32 for Windows is now available in members area. Snapshots of Linux and QNX versions are also added. BeOS version will follow today.


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