SciTech Announces Watcom 11.0c Beta Release

For those QNX4 and Watcom compiler fans, the latest source code (0.8.4) of Watcom 11.0c Beta Release has been put on the ftp site since July 3

It is reported from the newsgroup that there is a lack of developers for building/testing the source code on the qnx4 platform.

Interested developers should join the mailing and/or the newsgroups. Details can be found at their website

Video on Demand Training for Momentics

For those of you interested in video-on-demand training, PARSE Software is pleased to announce our VoD training at:

This URL includes all of our other training offerings, including VHS-based and instructor led. Also, check out our QNX Neutrino (Momentics) books and related free software!

MUPEN64 0.0.4 released (for Windows, Linux and QNX)

MUPEN64 is a n64 emulator designed to be multi-OS. On 2002-07-06, 0.0.4 is released for Windows, Linux and QNX.

QSSL supporting the community

People started to worry when QSSL decided to separate 6.2 into NC, SE and PE versions and charge a great money for SE/PE. Especially those freeware developers who can't afford to buy the high priced PE. Now, worry no more (well, at least for some of them).

Site Updates

You may have noticed there are some site updates today. You can now post in the Newsgroups, and "Web Links" is now active.


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