New CyFlex Software Being Rolled Out

CyFlex Test System is a world-class, highly flexible test system currently in use at major engineering facilities in the U.S. and around the world. CyberMetrix sells the CyFlex Software, and provides engineering support, application development and training. Demonstrations are available and visits to engineering facilities, that are using the system are possible.

Email gateway to the QDN newsgroups

The email gateway to the QDN newsgroups is up at You can also browse and search the past postings.

perl 5.8.0 RC 3 Released

usePerl is carrying the announcement for the third and hopefully final release candidate of Perl 5.8. Now is the time to test it out and find those last bugs before the real release happens.

Freeciv-1.13.0 Stable

Freeciv-1.13.0 has been released upon the world! There has been almost a whole year of dedicated hacking. The official announcement can be found at

PIOUS, a transparent parallel file system for QNX clusters is available

PIOUS ( ) is available for QNX6 at (see the PVM section)

PIOUIS allows transparant parallel file access for QNX4, QNX6 or LINUX systems in a PVM cluster.

Port was just a plain recompile :)



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