QNX Beats Wind River and Microsoft in RTOS Shootout

In a benchmark shootout between the industry's leading realtime operating systems (RTOSs) for embedded development, the QNX® Neutrino® RTOS v6.1 comes out on top against Wind River VxWorks AE 1.1 and Microsoft Windows CE.NET.

Local Root exploit discovered for QNX6

An anonymous user just posted on www.qnxzone.com about a QNX6 root exploit. It is known to work for all the QNX6.x releases.

Rumor says there are several other root exploits available for QNX6. Keep an eye on qnxzone.com for more disclosures.

It is said that those exploits were fixed internally in QSSL but for some unknown reasons, they were not included in the latest QNX 6.2 release.

Free bt848/bt878 frame capture library available

Paul Osmialowski just released the free bt848/bt878 frame capture library. You can get it here: http://ai.pjwstk.edu.pl/~newchief/qnx/btlib

  • btlib is the source library with example.c and example Makefile
  • BtView - draws captured frames using raw widget
  • Bt2View - draws frames captured from two bt devices

More details about the library and usage can be found in btlib.html .

QNX Forum

Hello, I have got a BeOS related homepage including a poll and a forum. As I am also a QNX 6.1 user I decided to open the forum also for QNX themes and programmes. So if you d like to take part in that forum and talk about QNX and related programmes just follow this link: http://beos.holgerwendenburg.de Thanks in advance! And if you d like to have also a poll for QNX just send me a mail with your programme suggestions. Other OS users are also welcome!

Perl 5.8.0 released

The release announcement for Perl 5.8.0 has gone out. Stuff in the new release includes improved Unicode support, a new threads implementation, 64-bit support, a big pile of new modules, and more; see the announcement for the full list.

More information about QNX support can be found in

this early posting


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