Electric Fence Available for QNX

hojbjerg just posted in the Forum that Electric Fence has been ported to QNX and is available. ElectricFence is a dynamic memory debugging library, which helps you find dynamic memory under and over runs.

New book planned for QNX Neutrino -- Cookbook

Hi folks,

I'm planning on writing another book, this one tentatively titled "The QNX Neutrino Cookbook -- Recipes for Realtime Programmers". There's an ongoing discussion in qdn.cafe and a preliminary table of contents can be seen at parse.com (at the very bottom of the page). Please email me nospam@parse.com (yes, that's valid :-)) if you have any suggestions!

Mozilla 1.1 Beta Released

On July 22, 2002 mozilla.org made available for download of the Mozilla 1.1 Beta Milestone. Mozilla 1.1 Beta is the latest bleeding edge beta release.

Opera 6.01 Beta 1 for QNX 6.2 released

Per http://www.opera.com/qnx,Opera 6.01 Beta 1 for QNX 6.2 was released on July 24, 2002. As usual, this release only contains the Opera Browser Server and you still need to use the Voyager web client as

the user interface.

SunCanary qnxusers group

It cheers to me to announce that in a moment will be available the Web of the SunCanary group, a resident user group of QNX in the Canary Islands. From this Web we will try to impel the use of QNX RTOS in the Hispanic world, in addition, we will create repository in which all and each one of the members of the group contributed their applications, compiled of the network or own creation.

All this to present east Hispanic-America operating system, starting off of the Canary Islands, like Colón made to discover the american continent.

UPDATED: Here is the site url http://www.suncanary.tk/


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