GCC 3.2 Released

The GCC 3.2 release is now available. A primary objective was to stabilize the C++ ABI; It is believed that the interface to the compiler and the C++ standard library are now stable.There are almost no other bug-fixes or improvements in this compiler, relative to GCC 3.1.1. More detail about the release is available here .

Documentation and training materials available for download

Recently QNX Documentation and training materials are available for free download on the QNX Developer website:

  • CD ISO image which contains the entire QNX technical library in PDF format as well as the complete IDE training videos for developers who own QNX Momentics Professional Edition.
  • Training videos covering the IDE included with QNX Momentics Professional Edition. Each video covers a specific aspect of the IDE and the developer's workflow. (Requires Microsoft Windows Media Player.)

QNX 6.2 fixes available

An QNX 6.2 (a.k.a Momentics) fix has silently showed up at http://www.qnx.com/developer/download/updates/.

This patch increase the maximum number of unions allowed on the package filesystem. This is commonly seen when too many packages are installed, as a result some files and directories disappear.

Also showed up on the site is the GNU bison update. There is no information as what's new in this bison or why it is only available for the SE and PE version.

QNX Too Expensive?

A Santa Ana, California company called Ch.1, together with their licensee, Sylvania Computer Products, have big plans for an internet appliance in a TV that is combined with a home services offering.

QNX to support SMP on MIPS-based processors

QSSL just announced that the QNX® Neutrino® realtime operating system (RTOS) is the first commercial RTOS to support SMP on Broadcom's SiByteTM BCM1250 processors.The BCM1250 is an intelligent on-chip multiprocessor system (CMP) that consists of two 64-bit MIPS CPU cores, each scalable from 600 MHz to 1 GHz clock speed.


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