QNX Boosts Developer Productivity with New System Profiler Tool for QNX Momentic

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OTTAWA, Feb. 4 -- Making it easier than ever for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to fine-tune their embedded development projects and get to market, QNX Software Systems today released System Profiler, a graphical system analysis tool for QNX(R) Momentics(R) Professional Edition, the company's open, Eclipse-based development suite. The System Profiler goes beyond conventional debugging and code analysis tools to analyze how all the components in a complex realtime system interact with each other. Not only can developers troubleshoot and optimize their systems with greater ease but the systems themselves can perform faster and more predictably.The System Profiler acts like a software logic analyzer capable of displaying an enormous amount of information. With the tool, developers can:

-- Fine-tune system behavior, both in the lab and in the field. Developers can easily resolve timing conflicts, pinpoint deadlocks, root out logic flaws, detect hidden faults in both software and hardware, and fine-tune the performance of an application, whether it is running on a uniprocessor or multiprocessor system. The tool also captures the interaction of all components on the target. The analyzer can pinpoint when an event occurred, which software modules were involved, what those modules were doing, and, most important of all, how to interpret the event.

-- Visualize events to quickly and easily pinpoint problems. The tool can display information such as kernel calls, hardware interrupts, threat states, messages, and scheduling activities. Developers also have precise control over which events are recorded and when, making it easier to focus on specific areas of interest. Event filtering and display options are also available to help developers to "zoom in" on performance-degrading hotspots and view complex interactions at a glance.

-- Create custom filters. In addition to stock event filters provided by the instrumented kernel, developers can also create dynamic, user-defined filters for complex, application-specific conditions. These customized filters work invisibly with the trace system to influence the event-collection process.

-- The System Profiler is nonintrusive, allowing it to be used on live production systems with minimal system impact. The System Profiler complements other performance-optimizing tools already available in QNX Momentics, including a memory analysis tool and an execution profiler that can pinpoint code inefficiencies right down to the offending source line. For more information, visit http://www.qnx.com/products/ps_momentics/.

For further information: Paul Leroux of QNX Software Systems, +1-613-591-0931, paull@qnx.com; or Chantal Yang or Bill Keeler of Schwartz Communications, +1-781-684-0770, qnx@schwartz-pr.com /Web site: http://www.qnx.com