Combine memory and disk seamlessly with ITTIA DB SQL

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Embedded devices continuously process information from a wide variety of sources, such as sensors, user input, network communications. Developers recognize cases for which data must be accessed quickly with predictable speed and cases for which data must be saved continuously to flash media or a hard drive. To address this need, ITTIA unveils the revolutionary new ITTIA DB SQL hybrid memory and disk database for application development on embedded systems and devices.

ITTIA DB SQL hybrid combines the fast, predictable performance of an in-memory database with the robust storage caching of a disk database. ITTIA DB SQL hybrid delivers capabilities culminated from decades of database evolution in a compact, self-managing package for development of applications in consumer electronics, medical devices, portable media players, network appliances, telecommunication systems, and other embedded systems.

An ITTIA DB SQL hybrid database can contain related data that is divided into memory and disk tables. Memory tables are optimized to minimize CPU cycles, while disk tables emphasize throughput when data is saved to block devices such as flash media or a hard disk. By using a solid relational model foundation, relationships are easily navigated with SQL queries or accessed directly with low-level functions.

All tables share the same transactional database kernel, whether they are stored in memory or on disk. Data is always accessed through common APIs and can be shared between threads and processes. Transactions ensure the integrity and consistency of the data, but, because the data is managed within a single database, without the complexity of distributed transactions. Modular devices can extend their functionality dynamically by adding new tables and fields to the database.

Devices and embedded systems that use ITTIA DB SQL benefit from ITTIA's philosophy of flexibility. While ITTIA offers several different editions to target the wide variety of requirements for database features and footprint, all ITTIA DB libraries are source, file, and binary-compatible. Manufacturers can build a complete line of products that are based on a single code base for data access. High-performance code can use concise, low-level calls to access and modify individual rows directly. The same data can also be accessed with high-level SQL queries, for interoperability and accelerated prototyping.

The hybrid model used by ITTIA DB SQL is ideal for devices that log events occurring at a very high frequency. The event log itself may be stored temporarily in memory, and related data such as event types, critical events, and thresholds can be stored in disk tables that are automatically and continuously saved to flash media. The device can monitor and store the maximum values for each type of event. Both the event log and associated data can be shared between the logging task, reporting mechanism, user interface, and any other components.

"ITTIA DB SQL hybrid offers developers a broad selection of lightweight RDBMS embeddable database features to meet their specific application requirements," said Sasan Montaseri, ITTIA President. "Our customers already benefit from ITTIA DB SQL's flexibility, performance at lower cost. The introduction of ITTIA DB SQL hybrid completes this value-added offering. We continue our focus to deliver the highest quality products and services at a lower cost."

A free, 30-day evaluation of ITTIA DB SQL is available at the ITTIA DB Evaluation Center. The evaluation kit contains a complete embedded database library, optional server, and SQL tools.


ITTIA offers a leading-edge embedded RDBMS for platforms where limited memory, storage, and processing power make software development challenging. ITTIA develops fast, high-performance relational lightweight database products and tools with the goal of providing excellent data management software for embedded systems and devices. ITTIA's products are designed to be suitable for application development and deployment at significantly reduced cost. ITTIA's customers include Freescale Semiconductor, Panasonic, Puget Sound Energy, Boeing, and others. You can obtain more information about ITTIA at: