ITTIA releases relational embedded database for Freescale i.MX processors

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ITTIA today announced availability of ITTIA DB-SQL for the i.MX family of application processors from Freescale Semiconductor. Advanced power management, multimedia processing capabilities, and integrated security make i.MX processors suitable for video surveillance, point-of-sale-systems, portable media players, industrial and healthcare instrumentation, and many other wireless applications. With high performance and a rich set of integrated features, the combination of the ITTIA DB-SQL relational database and i.MX application processors offers design engineers a flexible solution for data-rich portable devices.

Freescale® i.MX application processors combine multiple subsystems and peripheral interfaces onto a single chip. ITTIA DB-SQL is a lightweight database designed for embedded and device developers seeking flexibility, ultra-high speed, ease of use, and low cost application development. With ITTIA DB-SQL, developers trained in database technology readily apply their experience toward embedded application development, where resource allocation bears closer scrutiny.

Together, ITTIA DB-SQL and i.MX application processors improve productivity and reduce total cost of development. Targeted at original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and value added resellers (VAR), they lay the foundation for innovative, cost-effective products for a variety of applications, including PDAs, portable media players, industrial measurement systems, and more.

The i.MX family and ITTIA DB-SQL both support a range of platforms such as those based on Microsoft® Windows® CE and Linux® operating systems. Software developers enjoy the cross-platform features of ITTIA DB SQL, which enable developers to easily port their applications and reuse database files on multiple operating systems.

A popular selection in the i.MX family, the i.MX27 multimedia application processor features an ARM926EJ-S (TM) core at 400MHz with advanced technology such as Freescale's Smart Speed (TM) switch to deliver both exceptional performance and long battery life. Consumers benefit from built-in hardware encryption that ensures applications do not compromise on security. Hardware video processing with the MPEG-4 H.264 D1 codec enables high quality video and graphics, delivering the rich experience that consumers demand.

A variety of development tools are available for i.MX processors. In addition to the Linux BSP (Board Support Package) provided by Freescale®, custom Linux BSPs for i.MX application processors can be created with LTIB, the Linux Target Image Builder. With LTIB, system builders select packages, set options, and customize the Linux kernel in a simple menu-driven interface. When selections are made, LTIB automatically acquires source code, applies kernel patches, and builds a complete BSP.

Freescale is an industry leader in hardware for embedded system and device development. "It is exciting to offer ITTIA DB-SQL for the i.MX product family so that embedded software developers can benefit from our relational lightweight embedded database, which indeed reduces the learning curve, development cycle, time to market, and total cost of ownership for i.MX application developers," said Sasan Montaseri, ITTIA President.

A free, 30-day evaluation of ITTIA DB SQL is available for i.MX software developers at the ITTIA DB Evaluation Center. The evaluation kit contains a complete embedded database library, optional server, and SQL tools.


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