ITTIA DB-SQL engine offers enterprise capabilities for embedded application deve

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ITTIA, a leading provider of software and services for intelligent embedded data management and low-latency event processing, announces advances in its lightweight ITTIA DB-SQL database library, including a new query optimizer. Enhancements to the SQL engine improve index utilization and add support for parametric queries and statement caching. ITTIA invites enterprise developers interested to develop embedded application to benefit from its robust SQL technology that provides a familiar data model on resource constrained devices.

ITTIA DB-SQL version 2.6 executes SQL queries faster through enhanced caching and query plan optimization. The SQL engine now caches table descriptions and statement execution plans to significantly improve execution time in a deployed application. SQL statements are prepared at run-time, adding small overhead to the program that will become very significant when statements are executed many times. Statement caching eliminates this overhead by automatically reusing previously-prepared statements. Complex queries also execute more quickly by taking advantage of more robust index selection introduced in version 2.6.

To further secure ITTIA's embedded database technology, ITTIA DB-SQL 2.6 introduces support for SQL parameters, separating query logic from captured data. This new release heightens the level of convenience for developers and saves time, enabling faster time-to-market of high-quality embedded applications that require embedded data management. SQL parameters also prevent SQL injection attacks through strict type checking.

Embedded systems and mobile devices have a wide range of requirements, even within the same product line, so ITTIA DB-SQL is designed to be flexible. For isolated embedded systems, ITTIA DB-SQL supports stand-alone access to local database files through an embedded software library. Or applications can share access to a database by connecting to ITTIA's lightweight data server running on a device or across the network. A new hybrid library allows applications to connect to both local and remote databases at the same time.

Applications written for Java and .NET can also access ITTIA DB-SQL databases through custom object-oriented APIs that have been tailored for Java and .NET developers.

Sasan Montaseri, ITTIA's President, said that ITTIA DB SQL, a next-generation of RDBMS for embedded and mobile application developer, is now more robust and powerful than ever before. "There are customers developing high-performance systems with ITTIA DB-SQL on various operating system platforms and this new release offers major performance improvements," he said. "ITTIA is moving in the direction of providing the best possible cost-effective database solution for application developers of embedded and mobile systems," Sasan Montaseri said.


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