ITTIA Launches Lightweight SQL Engine for Embedded and Device Developers

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December 12, 2007 - Bellevue, WA - Advances in hardware technology have provided embedded systems and mobile devices with an ever increasing capacity for information and media. To effectively manage and share this data, software developers will need to employ new techniques to keep up with growing complexity. Recognizing this trend, ITTIA has released ITTIA DB-SQL, a lightweight relational database management system suitable for the next generation of embedded systems and mobile devices.

ITTIA DB version 2.5, now available for public beta, introduces support for SQL, the standard interface used by enterprise databases. ITTIA's SQL engine is lightweight, with a footprint that is measured in kilobytes. By focusing on the features that are needed on embedded systems, ITTIA DB-SQL offers exceptional performance in an embeddable library that can be used without an external server process.

With a platform-independent file format and an optional client/server access model, ITTIA DB makes it easy to share data. For simple sharing, the database file can be transfered in its entirety and accessed on any platform without modification, just like a document file. ITTIA DB-SQL also includes a lightweight data server that is a drop-in replacement for the embeddable library, so any ITTIA DB application can be instantly upgraded to support shared access over a network. Row-level locking is handled automatically using isolation levels, giving applications the best performance under high load.

In addition to general database features such as transactions, automatic recovery, tables, and indexed search, ITTIA DB-SQL also provides the high level of control over performance and storage format that is critical to embedded applications. Transaction completion modes, such as group commit, improve performance by minimizing costly I/O. Dynamic schema alteration allows the storage format to be changed even after data has been added to a database, so software upgrades don't require a complicated data migration procedure.

Benchmarks of three key areas - insert, search, and update - show that ITTIA DB-SQL provides a significant advantage to applications that require transactional storage. Detailed benchmark results can be obtained by contacting ITTIA directly.

Embedded systems and mobile devices have a wide range of requirements, even within the same product line, so ITTIA DB-SQL is designed to be flexible. By offering several standard packages that leverage the same common architecture, ITTIA DB-SQL is able to exactly meet the requirements of each application.

ITTIA DB-SQL 2.5 beta is now available for download, which includes free technical support during evaluation, at:


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