Real Time Logic Announces release of the Barracuda Web Browser

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Real Time Logic announces the release of the Barracuda Web Browser, an advanced embedded Web Browser. The Barracuda Web Browser includes HTML based GUI development tools, Cascading Style Sheets, and full browser capabilities for devices requiring user interface capabilities.
The Barracuda Web Browser SDK allows developers to utilize existing tools and expertise in HTML content development. The Barracuda Web Browser offers an interactive programming framework using DOM. The simplicity and flexibility of 'C' and 'C++' within the rich presentation environment of HTML makes the Barracuda Web Browser an easy to use development package and runtime environment.

The Barracuda Web Browser contains an efficient and flexible graphics porting layer. The Barracuda Web Browser ports easily to any graphics library. The Barracuda Web Browser comes with drop in solutions for many popular graphics drivers like Segger Microcontroller Systems emWin GSC, Swell Software's PEG, Nucleus GRAPHIX, etc.

The Barracuda Web Browser offers an ideal solution for the graphical interface needs of embedded devices such as set top devices, embedded data collection devices, information kiosks, point-of-sale terminals, voice over IP (VOIP) phones, handheld diagnostic tools, and on-screen display menus.

The Barracuda Web Browser is highly portable; it is processor independent and can work with any 16 – 32 bit operating system. The Barracuda Web Browser SDK demos are available on Barracuda's web site at

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