BarracudaDrive for QNX

Submitted by wilfrednilsen on

We have just released our 5 star rated freeware program BarracudaDrive for QNX Neutrino X86.

BarracudaDrive includes:

  • A secure HTTPS web file-manager.
  • A HTTPS tunnel.
  • A real-time DHTML chat client.
  • DHTML User and Constraints Editor/database designed using Ajax technology.

With BarracudaDrive, you can securely upload, download, and manage your files on your home computer from anywhere in the world. BarracudaDrive also bypasses firewalls and proxies since the communication protocol is HTTPS. The communication is protected by using SSL so no one can eavesdrop on your file transfer.

The Barracuda HTTPS tunnel allows you to encrypt arbitrary TCP connections inside SSL. The HTTPS tunnel allows you to secure non-SSL aware services such as TELNET, FTP, VNC, etc., by having the HTTPS tunnel provide the encryption. The HTTPS tunnel can also be used, for example, to tunnel traffic out from behind a restrictive firewall/proxy that only allows outgoing HTTPS web connections.