Arvoo releases Picasso frame grabber support for QNX6

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Arvoo Engineering has just finished their first release of the SDK for the Picasso framgrabber line for QNX Neutrino. This is the first official frame grabber SDK for QNX.

The Picasso SDK consists of

- Picasso shared library

- Picasc: console sample program with sources

- Picaspt: Photon sample program with sources (PhAB)

- documentation

The SDK supports next Picasso framegrabbers:

* 2SQM serie (analog monochrome )

* 2SQ serie (analog color composite)

* 3C serie (analog RGB)

* LS serie (digital RS-422/RS-644)

* CL serie (CameraLink Base 16-bit)

* FI serie (Fiber)

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