Price for QNX6 and components

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A question that is frequently asked is how much QNX6 costs.

People want to know the details like

* how much does qnx cost for embedded development.

* how much does the development platform cost?

* how much is a runtime license for, say, 1000 units?

Usually the answer you get is "Contact your local sales office or distributor..."

Recently, some detailed price has been posted.

A user posted a little quote from website of the local QNX distributor in Russia.

_QNX6 Development Kits_

Version Description ???? $ DDP

6.2.0 QNX Momentics Standard Edition 7044

6.2.0 QNX Momentics Professional Edition 14260

_QNX6 Runtime Modules_

Version Description $ DDP

6.2.x Core OS Technology 82

6.2.x Instrumented Kernel Technology 82

6.2.x Networking Technology 57

6.2.x High Availability Technology 66

6.2.x GUI Technology 57

6.2.x Filesystem Technology 57

6.2.x Browser Client Technology 8

6.2.x Voyager Browser Engine + Client 4

6.2.x Mozilla Browser Engine + Client 66

6.2.x Multimedia Technology 1 6

6.2.x SMP Technology 98

6.2.x SNMP Technology (Emanate) 98

6.2.x SNMP Technology (Emanate/Lite) 98

1 .3 J9 VM Technology 82

1 .5 Webshpere VM Technology for Eclipse-based Development 82

6.2.x Citrix ICA3 Client Technology 41

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