QNX Broadens Support for Intel Network Processors

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OTTAWA, Canada, May 10, 2005 - QNX Software Systems today announced that it is expanding its support for Intel's fully programmable network processor architecture with the addition of the Intel® IXP23XX network processors. As a result, designers of networking systems can combine the realtime performance, superior reliability, and distributed processing of the QNX® Neutrino® RTOS with a comprehensive range of Intel network processors, from both the Intel IXP2XXX and Intel IXP4XX product lines.Using QNX Neutrino and Intel IXP23XX network processors, developers can bring integrated data and control-plane processing to a variety of next-generation network elements, including network access and edge applications.

To simplify development and maximize the reliability of network applications, QNX support for Intel IXP23XX network processors includes an optimized version of the Intel Internet Exchange Architecture (Intel IXA) SDK 4.1. The optimized SDK leverages the microkernel architecture of the QNX Neutrino RTOS, which combines the POSIX process model with fault-resilient, memory-protected device drivers. By providing a modular, dynamically loadable architecture, the QNX implementation enables multiple applications to share access to the Intel IXA SDK; it also improves system reliability and serviceability by cleanly decoupling the SDK from the applications.

"QNX's transparent distributed processing offers designers of networking equipment the ability to quickly develop highly scalable networking elements," said Rose Schooler, general manager, Infrastructure Processor Division, Intel Corporation. "By delivering early support for Intel IXP23XX network processors, QNX is giving developers a head start in their designs, allowing them to get to market sooner."

Self-validation Program

To ensure QNX customers have access to the latest Intel IXP2XXX network processors, QNX and Intel have worked together to develop an OS self-validation program. "Through this program, QNX will quickly validate its support for new network processors as they come to market, enabling our customers to hit the ground running," said Romain Saha, networking segment manager, QNX Software Systems. "In fact, QNX will be the first operating system company to successfully perform this self-validation, using the Intel test suite."

In addition, QNX will release a board support package (BSP) for the Intel IXDP2351 Advanced Development Platform, which is designed to accelerate development of network access and edge applications.

Besides supporting a range of Intel network processors, QNX also offers extensive support for Intel Architecture processors, including Intel Pentium® processors, Intel Celeron® M processors, and Intel Xeon® processors.

QNX is a member of the Intel Communications Alliance, a community of communications and embedded developers and solution providers.


The QNX board support package (BSP) for the Intel IXDP2351 Advanced Development Platform is scheduled for release in Q2 2005.

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