QNX Introduces New Web Services Framework for Embedded Applications

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RTS EXPO, PARIS, April 5 /PRNewswire/ -- QNX Software Systems today introduced a new framework that enables standards-based web services for embedded systems.
Designed for inter-application communication without human intervention, web services technology enables access to any type of service, over any type of transport, on any type of platform, while using any type of programming language. The new QNX web services software development kit (SDK) offers embedded developers the ability to implement WSDL, SOAP, and XML-based web service applications in native C/C++, hiding the complexity of XML and protocol transformations from the developer. The QNX web services SDK is conformant with the Web Services Interoperability Organization (WSI) Basic Profile 1.0. Applications developed with the QNX framework can therefore interoperate with other standards-based implementations, such as Microsoft .NET. Using QNX's flexible framework, users can also choose to use the default Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), or opt for another, such as SIP.

The QNX implementation of web services is designed from the ground up to meet the constrained resource requirements of embedded systems. The small footprint of the framework is ideally suited for embedded applications such as remote monitoring, event logging, and in-field update of applications.

The QNX web services framework is appropriate for applications in markets ranging from industrial automation to in-car computing. Process control systems, for example, could automatically exchange data with enterprise computers for remote monitoring or in-field upgrades. Similarly, automotive telematics devices could have services turned on or off, transmit data to a central computer, or have software remotely updated, all through secure web services provisioning.

"Web services are simplifying how companies extend management in the field for the likes of remote monitoring, in-field upgrades, and device configuration," said Mark Roberts, director of product management at QNX. "With the new QNX web services framework, our customers will now be able to integrate access to realtime information spanning across multiple departments, applications, platforms, and systems, into their overall network of embedded devices."

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