New in ITTIA DB SQL 6.0: Smart Data Discovery for Embedded Systems and Devices

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ITTIA introduces version 6.0 of its flagship database software, ITTIA DB SQL, which brings new intelligence to data management on embedded systems and devices with true peer-to-peer replication. As the Internet of Things (IoT) will soon comprise billions of connected devices, discovery of proximate devices is a key component of new applications. By advertising and discovering nearby database replication services, ITTIA DB SQL 6.0 greatly simplifies interoperability between home automation systems, automotive entertainment systems, mobile handsets, and more.

In this new hyper-connected world, devices can relate information to each other indirectly through cloud-based services on the Internet and directly over WiFi and other wireless technologies. This new release enables embedded systems, appliances, and personal devices to distribute locally stored data whenever a wireless connection is detected. The application software simply stores records in a replication-enabled database and authorized devices nearby will automatically receive a copy of the changes. This makes it easy for applications on diverse operating systems to interoperate and provide a seamless user experience.

Version 6.0 also brings improvement throughout ITTIA DB SQL, from utilities down to the core transactional storage kernel. The ITTIA SQL Browser, which provides a graphical interface to create and edit embedded database files, can now also provision back-end RDBMS servers such as Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Database to synchronize with ITTIA DB SQL. Now it is easier than ever to connect device applications on Android, QNX, and more to existing infrastructure. Mobile applications can even use the back-end RDBMS to relay information to other devices when they join the network.

Efficiency has also increased in this release, with optimizations for shared access that significantly reduce latency and network overhead. Even multi-process applications benefit from accelerated bulk record retrieval. The SQL engine has also been retooled with many new query-specific optimizations. Developers can request a query plan to verify the scalability of each query and page through query results with the standard FETCH FIRST and OFFSET keywords.

ITTIA DB SQL 6.0 has strengthened transactional storage by relying less on the file system during an unexpected power failure. For example, log rotation has been revised to improve reliability. Support for Unicode data types has improved, with automatic type conversion even in UTF-encoded SQL statements, and new data types are supported in back-end RDBMS products.

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