Semotus Solutions Announces Alliance With QNX Software Systems

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Semotus Solutions has announced an alliance with QNX Software Systems, a leading global provider of realtime operating system (RTOS) technology. HipLinkXS will provide the wireless messaging middleware for the QNX(r) Neutrino(r) RTOS (real-time operating system). The combination of HipLinkXS' real-time wireless alert notification and messaging with QNX Neutrino will offer customers advanced wireless features and capabilities for their embedded environments.

With HipLinkXS providing alert notification and messaging for QNX Neutrino, anomalies that could cause network or system failures are detected and the proper technicians are notified immediately. The robust two-way capabilities of HipLinkXS further empower technicians to remotely diagnose and fix problems using any two-way device, at any time, from anywhere, enhancing enterprise four ``9s'' or five ``9s'' strategies.

Semotus has successfully ported HipLinkXS to operate on the QNX Neutrino operating system. The initial phase of the Semotus / QNX alliance encompasses joint sales support for customers requesting wireless messaging and notification solutions on Neutrino platforms.

"QNX is a recognized leader in the real-time space and we are excited to enter into this alliance to offer advanced wireless technology for its mission-critical software solutions,'' stated Pamela La Pine, Executive Vice President of Semotus Solutions.

"By offering one of the most advanced wireless technologies in mission-critical environments, Semotus allows organizations to leverage the powerful messaging and two-way functions of HipLinkXS to ensure one of the highest levels of reliability available today.''

"We are pleased to enhance our partner program with the HipLinkXS wireless notification solution,'' stated Shelley Bryen, program manager, strategic alliances, QNX Software Systems. "Using this complementary software, our customers can be more responsive to potential situations, even remotely, saving valuable time and resources.''