SDL 1.2.6 has been released

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Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) supports Linux, Windows, BeOS, MacOS Classic, MacOS X, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, BSD/OS, Solaris, IRIX, and QNX. There is also code, but no official support, for Windows CE, AmigaOS, Dreamcast, Atari, NetBSD, AIX, OSF/Tru64, and SymbianOS.

Since 1.2.6, QNX 6.x is an officially supported OS. Thanks Mike (a.k.a. lestat) and Julian (a.k.a. Kinners) ! You can download the QNX6 binary at

What's new:

1.2.6: Fixed bugs in the Nano-X video driver

1.2.6: Fixed use of SDL with XInitThreads()

1.2.6: Added MMX and 3DNow! optimized alpha blitters (thanks Stephane!)

1.2.6: Turned dynamic loading of ESD and aRts on by default

1.2.6: Fixed fullscreen mouse click bug in Quartz events (thanks Max!)

1.2.6: Added an environment variable SDL_VIDEO_WINDOW_POS for MacOS X

1.2.6: Added SDL_GL_MULTISAMPLEBUFFERS and SDL_GL_MULTISAMPLESAMPLES for FSAA support (thanks Shawn and Ryan!)

1.2.6: Added audio and CD-ROM support for OSF/Tru64 (thanks Hayashi!)

1.2.6: Added SDL_LoadObject(), SDL_LoadFunction(), and SDL_UnloadObject()

1.2.6: Added new Atari audio drivers (thanks Patrice!)

1.2.6: Added more-than-three mouse button support for the Quartz target

1.2.6: Fixed compile problem in SDL_stretch.c with gcc 3.3

1.2.6: Added initial support for RISC OS (thanks Peter and Alan!)

1.2.6: Improved video mode selection under XFree86 (thanks Despair!)

1.2.6: Added support for HID sliders wheels and dials on MacOS X

1.2.6: Added m68k assembly routines for audio mixing (thanks Patrice!)

1.2.6: Updated FreeBSD joystick USBHID support (thanks Matthew!)

1.2.6: Fixed video intitialization problem on Qtopia (thanks David!)

1.2.6: Fixed refresh rate issue with XFree86 4.3.0 (thanks Stephen!)

1.2.6: Fixed lost cursor bug under MacOS X (thanks Darrell!)

1.2.6: Fixed crash in SDL_SetIcon() under Quartz (thanks Darrell!)

1.2.6: Darrell added support for emulated SDL_DOUBLEBUF on MacOSX

1.2.6: Cth converted the MMX audio mixing routines to VC++ syntax

1.2.6: David MacCormack fixed a bug in window sizing with Windows menus

1.2.6: Enable the glXGetProcAddressARB code on X11 (fixes NVidia issues)

1.2.6: Added support for SDL_WM_GrabInput and SDL_WM_IconifyWindow on Qtopia (thanks David!)

1.2.6: Almost completely rewritten and improved QNX code (thanks Mike and Julian!)

1.2.6: Fixed left/right shift detection on Windows (thanks Mike!)

1.2.6: Fixed invalid memory access in DGA video driver (thanks ldb!)

1.2.6: Generate an expose event on MacOS X after power save (thanks Darrell!)

1.2.6: Updated Atari port for new system headers (thanks Patrice!)

1.2.6: Linux joystick cleanups from Alan Swanson

1.2.6: *BSD joystick cleanups from Wilbern Cobb

1.2.6: Worked around Visual C++ 7 optimizer bug in blit code

1.2.6: Open ALSA devices in non-blocking mode (thanks Aleksey!)

1.2.6: Updated for DirectDB 0.9.15 (thanks Denis!)

1.2.6: Fixed building SDL DLL with Watcom C++ (thanks Jean-Pierre)

1.2.6: Support 1-bit alpha on surfaces passed to SDL_WM_SetIcon() (thanks Glenn!)

1.2.6: Greatly improved X11 DGA video speed (thanks Cezary!)

1.2.6: Added MMX audio mixing code for gcc (thanks Stephane!)

1.2.6: Fixed potential dropped events under DirectInput

1.2.6: Fixed alpha blending bug (thanks Glenn!)

1.2.6: Fixed joystick detection on Windows XP (thanks Maciej!)

1.2.6: Fixed a crash blitting RLE surfaces to RLE surfaces

1.2.6: Fixed mouse warp position bug with offset video modes

1.2.6: Fixed windows event handling for ActiveX controls

1.2.6: Added Visual C++ 7 (.NET) projects (thanks James!)