World's first PC/104 based Intel XScale embedded

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Kansas City, USA and Cambridge, England - July, 2003. Arcom is pleased to announce the world's first ultra-low power PC/104 form factor embedded processor board based on an Intel XScale RISC processor. The VIPER board is a PC/104 (3.6" x 3.8") single board computer using the 400MHz Intel PXA255 XScale application processor (ARM v.5TE compliant) and is designed to offer a low power, off-the-shelf solution for industrial control, instrumentation and display system applications.The XScale core is the building block for Intel's Personal Internet Client Architecture and offers a high performance, ultra-low power platform fully compliant with the ARM v.5TE instruction set. These RISC processors extend the technology roadmap for Intel's StrongARM processor (now end-of-life), by offering increased clock speeds and reduced power consumption. The PXA255 packs a wide range of integrated peripherals such as a memory/CompactFlash controller with a 200MHz internal bus, color TFT/STN LCD controller, power management, RTC, interrupt/DMA controllers as well as a multitude of serial ports including support for Bluetooth and IrDA. The PXA255 is well suited for a wide range of low power applications using the leading embedded operating systems such as embedded Linux, Windows CE, VxWorks and QNX Neutrino.

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