perl 5.8.0 RC 3 Released

Submitted by heman on

usePerl is carrying the announcement for the third and hopefully final release candidate of Perl 5.8. Now is the time to test it out and find those last bugs before the real release happens.This release should work in all UNIX/Linux and Microsoft environments, and in other environments which have POSIX/UNIX interfaces, such as BeOS, Cygwin, MPE/iX, NetWare, OS/2, QNX, VMS, VOS, and z/OS, and the appropriate C compilation environment.

Norton Allen has been actively maintaining the QNX port. Per Norton, as of perl 5.7.2, all tests pass under QNX 4.24, but there are still a few tests failing under QNX 6.1.0 due to a C lib bug for printf routine. QSSL has acknowleged the bug and it should be fixed in 6.2. Please comment below if you can confirm this.

Download the source tar file and check the README.qnx for details.