Embedded-Ware releases TinyWin 98 Development Suite

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May 21, 2003 - Embedded-Ware is proud to announce TinyWin 98 Development Suite beta release to the partners. It was never so easy to make fit Windows 98 together with your valuable application into small and reliable flash storage before TinyWin 98 is available. Now we are offering the development suite to our global partners and customers to allow them enjoy the easiness of this task with great flexibility and faster time to market.

TinyWin is a patented technology to greatly reduce footprint of commercial operating systems as well as target application according to your project's needs.

Below are some example projects we have done with TinyWin technology.

•Win98 + WinDVD for 20MB

•Win98 + MediaPlayer 6.4 for 16MB

•Win98 + Internet Explorer 6.0 for 32MB

•Win2K+Server Appliance Kit for 128MB

About Embedded-Ware


Embedded-Ware is a pioneering company dedicated to creating robust and innovative solutions to enable smart appliance and embedded system with open architecture. Embedded-Ware's technology and solution address many important issues that are essential to appliance and embedded computing. These issues include Instant On/Off, OS footprint, Efficiency and Reliability. We are a young company with more than 20 man-years of system software experience. We provide reliable shrink-wrapped products as well as lightning fast flash disk boot solutions. We also provide embedded OS services to help you time to market and profit. Embedded-Ware is for sure your best embedded OS partner today.

TinyWin 98 Features

Runs from as small as 16MB Flash disk.

Shrink Windows 98 as well as Application.

Boot from 32 bit RAMDISK, 100 times faster than HDD.

Diskless operation possible

Instant on/Instant off.

Great saving on flash disk size and cost.

TinyWin 98 Advantages


No spinning device (HDD, CD-ROM etc.) to cause reliability concerns

OS and Application are well-protected. No damage to your OS and Application even when power failure.

Full 32-bit RAMDISK environment with highest performance.

OS always startup as it was brand new from factory

No accumulated OS overhead and performance impact.

Disk life and hence system life extends greatly with seldom read and no write operation to the main flash disk.

Reduce maintenance cost to minimal.

Well-supported disk-less environment. Fast remote boot possible with small OS/App footprint.

Easy installation to any flash disk. No special hardware required.

Low hardware requirements than Windows 98

Extremely lower hardware requirement than Windows XP/Windows XP Embedded

Similar hardware/storage requirement to Windows CE but full Win32 environment with best device drivers of highest performance

Cost Saving

Save 85%~95% from expensive flash storage space and cost

Save efforts to replace hard drives, which is the major cause of failures.

Save cost of hard drives that need to be replaced every other years

Maintenance cost reduces an order of magnitude

Reuse and save your engineer resource investment with no need to migrate to other operating systems

TinyWin 98 Development Suite

State of the art developing environment.

No Windows Kernel know-how required.

No need to re-develop your Windows 98 application

Very low engineer resource investment.

Intuitive operation

One step fast installation to compact flash (through PCMCIA socket) without the need to reboot your host system.

Transparent online registration.

Start your TinWin 98 project today!

Mail to support@embedded-ware.com to get your Customer/Project ID and request for the evaluation version of TinyWin 98 Development Suite today.