QNX builds BSP for SiByte processor

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QNX Software Systems has inked a development pact with Broadcom, under which the well-known embedded software player has ported its Neutrino RTOS to Broadcom's SiByte BCM1250 processor.

The new BSP will be available in June 2003 as part of QNX's Momentics Professional Edition, which is the development suite for the Neutrino OS.

Broadcom's BCM1250 processor integrates two 64-bit MIPS CPU cores, a large cache memory, and input/output peripherals onto a 60-million-transistor silicon chip. The heart of the processor is the ZBbus, a 256-bit wide system bus that delivers up to 100 Gbit/s of on-chip bus bandwidth and maintains complete data and I/O coherence throughout the system.