Metrowerks Customers Accelerate Embedded Development

Submitted by newsagent on Thu, 04/03/2003 - 15:20

Metrowerks is now shipping the pre-eminent solution for embedded software developers who require code visibility and precise analysis of embedded systems in operation. CodeTEST(TM) Software Analysis Tools have been used by avionics, networking/communications, and automotive developers to provide software measurement and verification. This newest release of CodeTEST Software Analysis Tools, version 4.0, further extends these capabilities.CodeTEST Software Analysis Tools, version 4.0, are designed to support Windows®, Solaris(TM), and Linux® host-operating systems and provides off- the-shelf support for numerous commercial RTOSes including Vx Works®, OSE®, QNX®, LynxOS®, and Linux. CodeTEST Software Analysis Tools support 16- and 32-bit processors, and Metrowerks can provide support for additional RTOSes.

Update 9/18/2020: Metrowerks is no more. Check What Happened To