QNX 6.21 NC Released, Unofficially

Submitted by newsagent on Fri, 03/21/2003 - 07:01

Many of you have noticed that QNX 6.21 Non Commercial Release is available for download at http://download.qnx.com/download/qnxnc621.iso since March 13. People are wondering why there is no officially announcement from QSS. Some think technical team has done their job and it is waiting for the busy marketing folks for the blessing. Others believe some packaging bugs have delayed the release of NC (some libs were missing), users who use that iso are going to be using it at their own risk, so people might want to wait a bit before trying it. If you still want to try it out, make sure your downloaded ISO matches the following checksum:

cksum 3179069001 244617216 qnxnc621.iso

md5sum 85ced06b032e43cab1f7ddab4291b1b6 qnxnc621.iso