Picasso frame grabber for QNX4

Submitted by Gertjan on Fri, 03/07/2003 - 09:33

The Picasso frame grabber family is ported to QNX4.

The Picasso family:

- analog -

2SQ: for composite cameras

3C: for RGB cameras

- digital -

LS: for LVDS cameras

CL: for CameraLink cameras

FI: fiber input. Can be used with our OpticLink set

Most types are available as PCI, Compact PCI and PC104+ form factor. The Picasso SDK for QNX 4 consists of:

- Picasso driver for QNX4

- C sample application with source code

- documentation

Look at http://www.arvoo.com/prodpage.htm for more information.

Or contact sales@arvoo.nl.

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