New QNX Betas Out

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Two new beta trials have recently opened: the QNX Momentics® v6.2.1 beta and the QNX RTOS v4.25 Patch G beta.

Click here to apply for the QNX Momentics 6.2.1 beta trial. You will need a valid QNX support plan and a valid commercial QNX Momentics v6.2 PE or SE license to participate.

For QNX RTOS v4 beta members: Click here to access the QNX RTOS v4.25 Patch G beta. Or click here to apply for the qnx4 beta.Below are some of the highlights of the new release packages.

QNX® Momentics® development environment (Professional Edition)

  • GDB 5.2.1 migration
  • Eclipse 2.0 migration
  • Open source C/C++ development tooling (CDT) with an extensible framework for C/C++ development
  • Open third-party integration points for team/source management and tools for rapid development, code analysis (static/dynamic), and software/hardware debugging
  • System Analysis, including IDE-controlled kernel trace event logging, automatic remote log data retrieval, dynamic kernel level event filters, and graphical trace event display

QNX Neutrino® RTOS

  • New powermoding features
  • New input device architecture
  • Expanded IPsec, IPv6 support
  • Multi-layer graphics
  • New IJS-based printing (Epson)
  • Support for PowerPC 700-series and Broadcom BCM1250 MIPS (SMP)
  • Extended addressing on PowerPC and x86 (PAE support)
  • Sporadic scheduler enhancements
  • Mqueue performance optimizations
  • Block filesystem improvements: improved performance, built-in ram-disk support, long filename support, and more

QNX RTOS v4.25 Patch G

  • PC Card support for PCMCIA and CardBus host adapter chips, including (PCMCIA) Intel 82365, Cirrus CL-PD67xx, Vadem VG-46x, (CardBus) TI-11xx, TI-12xx, and TI-14xx, Ricoh R5C47x, O2 Micro OZ68xx, and Toshiba Topic97
  • New Ethernet drivers for Intel i82540, SiS 900, and Macronix MX98715 chipsets
  • Driver optimization
  • Tighter integration of name cache and short 8.3 filenames
  • Improved handling of non-ASCII characters in on-disk 8.3 filenames
  • Revamped and expanded documentation set

More QNX RTOS v4.25 Patch G betas will follow in the next few weeks: Photon microGUI®, Voyager TM browser, and TCP/IP (versions 4.25 and 5). Stay tuned!