QSSL supporting the community

Submitted by starwar on

People started to worry when QSSL decided to separate 6.2 into NC, SE and PE versions and charge a great money for SE/PE. Especially those freeware developers who can't afford to buy the high priced PE. Now, worry no more (well, at least for some of them).

ROYER, Jean-Hugues (aka "Zike" on irc), the author of the PhIRC (http://www.joher.com/phirc/) and many other QNX freeware and shareware, just got his free copy of PE, autographed by the QSSL employees. Zike has contributed a lot to the QNX community over the years. A quick "whois" will show that he has both the old qnxstart.com and the new qnxzone.com domain. He also setup the initial qnx irc channel, which is still running today serving the qnx community. Let's congratuate him and he is well deserved his copy of PE.

It is said many other QNX developers also got the same thing. We would like to thank QSSL for supporting the QNX community by this special gift. I am sure we will see more QNX applications coming.

If you are one of those lucky developers, please comment below, unless QSSL attached something to the gift that prevents you from saying anything.