Synchronize VxWorks Data with Enterprise Databases Through ITTIA DB Sync

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Embedded systems, including mobile devices, now face great demand for data distribution capabilities to interoperate with other systems. In its latest move, ITTIA has announced a new release that provides data distribution features for applications developed with ITTIA DB SQL on WindRiver’s VxWorks -- the industry’s leading embedded real-time operating system (RTOS) -- and enterprise databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL.
ITTIA DB SQL is a complete embedded database solution that provides data management, synchronization and data distribution features, enabling VxWorks developers to rapidly develop and deploy data-intensive applications for embedded systems.

Unparalleled Benefits

- Share data stored in ITTIA DB SQL with a back-end RDBMS. Such capability allows developers not only to distribute mobile and embedded data between VxWorks devices and any back-end RDBMS, but also to benefit from the replication environment necessary to improve data availability, reliability, modularity, mobility and interoperability.
- Reduce data management costs, benefit from interoperability, simplify maintenance, and bridge the gap between development of a great VxWorks application and the reality of integrating with a back-end enterprise database.
- Support for the ARM Cortex processor, which provides multi-core processing performance in both symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) and asymmetrical multiprocessing (AMP) configurations.
- Enhanced capabilities, including new security protocols, date and time functions, and scrollable cursors.
- Database file protection from unexpected power loss and other interruptions.
- Support for atomic writes even if the underlying file system does not provide this feature.
- Cross platform flexibility, in addition to compliance with ANSI standards and SQL offered by ITTIA DB SQL for building mission-critical applications.
- Two-phase commit support, which allows applications to perform distributed transactions over two or more ITTIA DB SQL database sites.
- Network traffic optimization enabled by ITTIA DB's table snapshot protocol. This feature enables embedded and device developers to identify and send only modified rows. With this approach, even large tables can be updated without sending the full contents of the table over the network.
- Automatic conflict detection, either by comparing the row contents before and after each change, or by generating a unique stamp each time a row is modified. ITTIA DB supports policy-based conflict resolution and provides the replication environment needed to improve system availability with distributed commits or synchronous replication across multiple sites.


ITTIA offers database solutions for platforms where limited memory, storage, and processing power makes software development challenging. ITTIA develops fast, high performance database products and tools with the goal of providing excellent data management software for embedded systems and devices. ITTIA products are designed to be suitable for application development and deployment at a significantly reduced cost. ITTIA customers include GlaxoSmithKline, VNU, Boeing, Moodys, Sandia National Laboratory, Puget Sound Energy and others. You can obtain more information about ITTIA at: