ITTIA DB SQL Anticipates Needs of Innovative Industrial Automation Systems

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Today's industrial automation systems are advancing at an unprecedented pace, and systems designed nowadays in this field require innovative database software to efficiently and safely manage valuable data stored on embedded devices. ITTIA has predicted and recognized the evolution of these systems, and has included in ITTIA DB SQL those vital features needed to support these special-purpose applications.

Developers of industrial automation applications have simply relied on ITTIA DB SQL’s small footprint database library to store data in an interoperable, maintainable and safe manner. In its latest release, ITTIA DB SQL offers industrial automation software developers an opportunity to benefit from data management standards, including support from a true relational database model -- a key factor available from enterprise databases -- and thus the ability to prevent the risks of data management.

The great performance of ITTIA DB SQL significantly contributes to data querying and access for industrial automation systems. In addition, ITTIA DB SQL offers great flexibility, limits memory fragmentation, maximizes the efficiency of transactions, and supports both on-disk and in-memory data management. As it is necessary for industrial systems to respond rapidly to real-world events, ITTIA DB SQL is reliable, interoperable, and maintainable.

Industrial automation software combines data from multiple sources, which is then employed by several concurrent tasks to make decisions, display the system status to operators, and notify interested parties when an alarm occurs. The reliable, rich concurrency support from ITTIA DB SQL ensures that decisions handled by multiple processes or threads are safe.

Not only can concurrent tasks share access to the same database file through client/server or multi-threading, but ITTIA DB SQL can notify these tasks whenever a row is modified. A notification event occurs only after the change is committed, so the application has full isolated access to the database when processing the event. These events can include a copy of all fields in the row, or only the primary key and modified fields.

A new white paper from ITTIA explains how industrial automation software developers can predict and avoid data management disasters. This white paper addresses various concerns, such as flash media wear, loss of data due to unexpected power failure, and preparation for data growth.

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