Data Synchronization in Android Applications for Tablets With Back-End RDBMS

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Whether an application developed on Android is meant for use in tablets, embedded systems or mobile devices, many seek data synchronization capabilities with back-end enterprise databases. In particular, many companies are looking for ways to leverage tablet computers for greater workforce mobility while maintaining a secure, reliable connection to the corporate data center. Developers can avoid this limitation by synchronizing the back-end database, whether Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server, or something else, with an ITTIA DB SQL database for Android device applications.

Bidirectional Synchronization with Android Applications

Benefits at a Glance:

- Small Footprint Architecture: Provides high-speed mobile synchronization capability.

- Flexible Deployment: Provides cross-platform deployment, no matter what back-end database is used.

- Bidirectional Synchronization: Detects and resolves conflicts easily, and communicates automatically changes made to selected tables in both directions.

- Multiple Table Options: Provides table fragmentation, so that each row or column is only shared with certain devices to protect access and reduce overhead.

- Supports Concurrent Shared Access: Available for both for reading and writing. Background threads can safely access a database, and row-level locking ensures that accessing the same database from the user interface does not cause the Application Not Responding (ANR) dialog to appear. The database can also be shared with other applications on or off the device through client/server communications, with or without replicating the data.

- Building Android applications at a Low Cost: Using inexpensive high-capacity SD cards, it is easier than ever to build a distributed network of data-driven applications. ITTIA DB SQL's rich tool set -- synchronization, performance tuning API, scalability, and high availability features -- offer robust data management capabilities to Android application developers.

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