Klocwork Teams Up with QNX Software Systems For IDE Integration

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AT ESC - BURLINGTON, Mass. - April 4, 2006 - Klocwork Inc., the proven leader in automated software solutions that improve software security and quality, today announced an alliance with QNX Software Systems to deliver joint customers with access to Klocwork's K7 static analysis tools from the QNX® Momentics® development suite. QNX Software Systems provides real-time operating system software, development tools, and services for building secure, reliable, high-performance embedded applications. Through its support for the Eclipse IDE environment, Klocwork K7 is designed to seamlessly integrate into industry-leading Eclipse-based integrated development environments (IDEs), like the QNX Momentics suite, as well as customers' existing software development processes.

"Klocwork and QNX both provide solutions to the network and telecom equipment, automotive, and industrial automation industries, and already have a common customer base that will benefit from this partnership," said Ian Gordon, VP of Product Management at Klocwork. "Through this collaboration, Klocwork customers developing with the Eclipse-based QNX Momentics suite will have the option to utilize Klocwork's static analysis tools to locate software defects early in the development process - a less costly and time consuming approach to improving the overall software quality."

Announced in June 2005, Klocwork K7 is the first fully integrated software security and software quality solution that helps development teams find and fix potential software problems early in the development lifecycle. Klocwork's products assist cross-functional teams with the tools needed to quickly identify software defects and security vulnerabilities. In addition to an extensive list of checkers that focus on the most likely causes of security flaws and vulnerabilities, K7 also includes architectural controls, extensive metrics analysis, reporting and control, and extensibility to allow for custom software analysis.

The QNX Momentics® development suite provides a fully integrated environment for building, optimizing, and maintaining mission-critical embedded applications. The suite includes an Eclipse-based IDE; code development tools for C, C++, and embedded C++; support for ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, SH-4, XScale, and x86 target systems; and a suite of performance optimization tools for application profiling, system profiling, memory analysis, and code coverage. The QNX Momentics suite targets both uniprocessor and multi-core systems.

"This alliance with Klocwork will allow customers using the QNX Momentics development suite to readily access Klocwork's leading static-analysis capabilities," said Linda Campbell, director of strategic alliances at QNX. "These capabilities, together with the innovative software partitioning provided by the QNX Neutrino® RTOS, will give developers unrivalled ability to detect software defects and maximize the security and quality of their mission-critical applications."

To learn more about the Klocwork and QNX technology alliance, you're invited to attend a joint web seminar on Tuesday, April 10th at 2pm EST. Register at http://www.klocwork.com/webseminars