Diagnostic tool works with Neutrino RTOS

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QNX Software Systems and Fabric Embedded Tools Corp have announced that the RapidFET diagnostic tool is now available for networking and communications systems based on rapidio and the QNX Neutrino RTOS. Designed to discover and enumerate complex RapidIO designs with the push of a button, RapidFET combines a graphical interface with powerful diagnostic capabilities, allowing engineers to quickly isolate faults and optimise system behaviour.'By leveraging the patented distributed processing of the QNX Neutrino RTOS, RapidIO users can build massively scalable, multiprocessor systems that deliver enormous compute power and fault resilience', said Romain Saha, Netcoms Segment Manager, QNX Software Systems.
'With RapidFET, engineers can now streamline the process of configuring these complex systems, eliminating guesswork, reducing integration efforts, and achieving faster time to market'.
'RapidFET fulfills a key need within the RapidIO ecosystem that, until now, hasn't been addressed', said Harvey Parisien, Vice President, Fabric Embedded Tools.
'In fact, RapidFET allows users of the QNX Neutrino rtos to accelerate all phases of building their RapidIO-based communications systems, from board bring-up and application prototyping to component testing, remote diagnostics, and error logging and documentation'.
RapidFET is available now.
Customers can use the Fabric Embedded Tools online store to configure a system to their needs, generate a quote, or purchase RapidFET online.
Pricing starts at US $7500.

Details at http://www.electronicstalk.com/news/qnx/qnx106.html