QNX Momentics PE/SE 6.3.0 SP1 Update Available

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Service Pack 1 is now available for download in MyQNX section of http://www.qnx.com. SP1 addresses critical issues in virtual memory management and embedded (NOR) flash file systems. It also incorporates maintenance fixes to both the Momentics tools and the Neutrino operating system - addressing issues in the IDE, command line tools, OS, Filesystem, and Networking components. For complete details on the issues addressed, please refer to the SP1 Release Notes, located at: http://www.qnx.com/download/group.html?programid=9195The following products have been released to address both critical and maintenance issues within QNX's product portfolio:
- Momentics Development Suite Professional Edition 6.3.0 Service Pack 1
- Momentics Development Suite Standard Edition 6.3.0 Service Pack 1

- Character DDK

- Flash File System & Embedding TDK v.1.0.1
- Symmetric Multi-Processing (SMP) TDK v1.0.1
- Extended Networking TDK v.1.0.1

- Transparent Distributed Processing (TDP) Source Kit v.1.0.1

- Renesas SystemH BSP v1.0.1
- Renesas Biscayne BSP v1.0.1
- Renesas Big Sur/Amanda BSP v1.0.1
- Freescale PQ2FADS BSP v1.0.1 (formerly Motorola PQ2FADSFADS-ZU BSP)
- Freescale MPC85x0 ADS BSP v1.0.2 (formerly Motorola PQ3 8540ADS)
- Freescale Total5200 / Lite5200EVB BSP v1.0.1 (formerly Motorola MGT5200 BSP)
- Broadcom BCM91250 / BCM91125 BSP v1.0.0 (formerly Broadcom BCM91250A/E+BCM91125E BSP)
- TI OMAP 5912 OSK BSP v1.0.0