ITTIA and E2S Equip Call Centers with Android Mobility

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ITTIA, a global supplier of embedded relational database software, and E2S, a Belgian software engineering company, announce a joint effort to connect and mobilize call centers through database synchronization. Using ITTIA DB Sync, Android™ tablets can access call center data stored in an existing relational database, such as Microsoft® SQL Server®, or Oracle® Database. With this technology a call center can rapidly improve communication to experience significant time and cost savings through greater efficiency.

Three important challenges appear when developing software to synchronize Android tablets: merging data, efficient communication, and security. Mobile devices cannot rely on a dedicated Internet connection, so asynchronous merge capability is essential. Furthermore, connecting an Android app to the cloud or to a company network requires both a network protocol and an authorization framework.

ITTIA DB Sync solves all three problems by connecting databases embedded in Android applications to a central database. Changes to each database are tracked automatically and shared over a secure connection. The initial setup and authorization of each tablet allows fine control over exactly which records each person can access and modify. With ITTIA DB Sync, Android applications deliver an enhanced mobile experience both online and offline.

ITTIA DB SQL, a related product, is a relational database library for Android and other mobile platforms. With a rich tool set for data management and small-footprint architecture that provides high-speed mobile synchronization capability, ITTIA DB SQL can automatically detect conflicts and provide multiple options for resolution. The benefits of using ITTIA DB SQL for Android apps on mobile devices and embedded systems include data fragmentation, concurrent shared access, and low cost of development.

Interested developers can download an example Android app to try ITTIA DB Sync now at: , or watch a video to see how it works at:…. When you are ready to synchronize your own apps, a free evaluation of ITTIA DB SQL for Android is available at the ITTIA DB Evaluation Center at:

About E2S

E2S is a Belgian software engineering and network security company that develops custom software projects primarily for industrial customers in demanding technological areas using agile methods. These projects combine requirements such as run-time databases, mobile app development, graphical user interfaces and domain specific aspects. The basis of all applications is a strong architecture and in that context E2S develops a range of solutions to be able to select the most optimal technical method of integrating the data with the application, according to customer requirements. E2S builds its software knowledge and expertise through continuous R&D activities and key partnerships. Learn how E2S can also build your software (mobile, cloud, desktop, client-server) by visiting:


ITTIA is the database that runs mission critical, highly available embedded applications and devices for well-known global companies such as Freescale Semiconductor, Panasonic, Puget Sound Energy, Fresenius, and Boeing. ITTIA DB SQL is a complete data management framework for building powerful applications, offering standards, ease of use, and flexibility to our customers. Benefits of selecting ITTIA's technologies include leading-edge software, comprehensive documentation, scalability, efficiency, exceptional performance, and low total cost of ownership. Learn how ITTIA brings value to its customers by visiting: